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Bluetooth® Adapter for Pace Clocks

Upgrade your SWIMCOUNT or SWIMCLOCK to be programmable and controllable from your Android or iPhone smartphone using Bluetooth® Wireless Technology.
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Requires downloadable app for smartphones. 

1. WORKOUT MODE: create unlimited sets, each containing unlimited intervals with up to 99 repetitions. Count-up or count-down is selectable. Sets are retained in memory by category and set name and can be recalled at any time. Unlimited workouts can be created, each containing unlimited sets. Workouts are retained in memory by name and can be recalled at any time. While running, workouts can be stopped, restarted, reset or change sets. 

2. E-Z WORKOUT: Allows the operator to enter a time interval and a number of repetitions. Once started, the clock will run until all repetitions have been completed. Select count up or down.

3. GAME MODE: Allows the operator to set a time and select either count-up or count-down. While the clock is running, it may be stopped and restarted or reset. A tone sounds when time is expired. 

4. STOPWATCH MODE: Allows clock to be used like a stopwatch in Free Running mode, allowing the operator to start, stop and reset the clock to zero. A horn can be sounded at any time by clicking the HORN button on the screen.

5. MANUAL MODE:  If the Bluetooth® Wireless Technology adapter is not attached, the SWIMCLOCK will begin counting up from zero a few seconds after it is turned on.  It will count continuously to 99 minutes 59 seconds and then repeat.

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Connects to any IST pace clock. Requires IST's Swim Clock App for Android or iPhone to run.
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